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Stepping Back and Ahead

Posted: 31st December 2010 by Graham Womack in MLB

The following article was written by Gerry Garte __________________ Two unexpected visitors met at the World Series last season. The Giants and Rangers made it an amazing year. Roy Halladay and Josh Hamilton were exceptional. The pitching was no-hit strong. It will be tough to match the excitement of the 2010 season. But add your […]

Any player/Any era: Bob Watson

Posted: 30th December 2010 by Graham Womack in Bob Watson

What he did: File Watson with Jimmy Wynn, Frank Howard, and Nate Colbert as another player who might have been a Hall of Famer in a different era. Watson hit .295 with 184 home runs and a lifetime OPS+ of 129 in 19 seasons from 1966 to 1984, playing his best seasons in a time […]

Happy New Year, Humm Baby

Posted: 29th December 2010 by Joe Guzzardi in MLB

In February, Humm-Baby will turn 81. I don’t want 2010, the year of the San Francisco Giants, to end without a tribute to Roger Craig who piloted the team from 1986 to 1992. Under Craig’s direction and propelled by Will Clark (.333, 23 HRs and 111 RBIs) and Kevin Mitchell (.291, 47, 125), the 1989 […]

Does he belong in the Hall of Fame? Juan Gonzalez

Posted: 28th December 2010 by Graham Womack in Juan Gonzalez

Claim to fame: Gonzalez was one of the best power hitters of the 1990s, smacking 339 of his 434 home runs in the decade. He didn’t have the most homers in the ’90s, thanks to Mark McGwire who had 405, though Gonzalez topped 40 homers five seasons, led the American League in dingers twice, and […]

I got a Christmas Day email from a reader, Fredrico Brilhart regarding a post from September, Clash of the titans. I had offered a starting lineup of some of the best baseball players not in the Hall of Fame to compete against a lineup created by Bobby Aguilera for I assumed my lineup would […]

Viewing a Memorable Trade with 20-20 Hindsight

Posted: 24th December 2010 by Graham Womack in MLB

I’m pleased to present another first guest post, this time from Brendan Bingham, a regular reader and fellow member of the Society for American Baseball Research. Brendan recently offered to write something here, and I had no idea his approach would be so analytical, research-driven, or thorough. Enjoy. _______________ Trades in baseball are made looking […]

Any player/Any era: Lefty O’Doul

Posted: 23rd December 2010 by Graham Womack in Lefty O'Doul

What he did: My SABR chapter has organized a letter-writing campaign to get O’Doul into the Hall of Fame, which makes sense seeing as we’re the Lefty O’Doul Chapter. We know there’s little chance of getting O’Doul inducted as a player, since he played just 970 games (though he got some support in my recent […]

Baseball at Christmas (In Australia)

Posted: 22nd December 2010 by Joe Guzzardi in MLB

Several years ago at Christmas time, I’ve traveled to Australia. Since I loved their beaches, bohemian attitudes, friendly manner and love of sports, I developed an immediate kinship with Australians. But cricket, Australia’s national sport, posed major challenges for me even though I made what I considered a serious effort to unravel its mysteries. Since […]

Does he belong in the Hall of Fame? Phil Cavarretta

Posted: 21st December 2010 by Graham Womack in Phil Cavarretta

Claim to fame: Cavarretta, who died Saturday at 94, was Mr. Cub before Ernie Banks, debuting in 1934 at 18 and playing 20 years at Wrigley Field before spending his final two seasons with the White Sox. Along the way, the first baseman made three All Star teams, hit .293 lifetime, and was National League […]

Is it time to revamp HOF voting procedures?

Posted: 20th December 2010 by Graham Womack in Baseball Hall of Fame

I’m pleased to present a guest post written by Matthew Warburg. Matthew contacted me after reading my recent post, The 50 best baseball players not in the Hall of Fame. Thus, it’s not surprising that Matthew’s debut post here is about Cooperstown. _______________ First of all, as this is my first contribution to this Web […]