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Nig Clarke Goes 8 for 8 with 8 Home Runs

Posted: 30th September 2011 by Joe Guzzardi in MLB

Editor’s Note: Joe Guzzardi’s Friday series “Double the Fun” has ended. It will return next baseball season ____________________ I’m not impressed! Sure, Prince Fielder hit three titanic home runs Tuesday night off soon-to-be former Pittsburgh Pirates starter Ross Ohlendorf. That still leaves Fielder five behind Jay Justin “Nig” Clarke who, on June 15, 1902, belted eight round […]

Any player/Any era: Billy Beane

Posted: 29th September 2011 by Graham Womack in Billy Beane

What he did: This was originally going to be a column about Branch Rickey. With the premier of Moneyball in theaters last week, I figured it might be interesting to see how Rickey would do in Beane’s place as general manager for the Oakland Athletics. If ever there was an executive who succeeded with limited […]

Jack Sanford: “A Damn Good Buick”

Posted: 28th September 2011 by Joe Guzzardi in MLB

These are dark days for San Francisco Giants fans. Since August, they have had a growing sense of dread that 2011 just wasn’t going to be another miracle year. Missing from their late season roster are not only the high profile Buster Posey, Freddie Sanchez and Brian Wilson but also others who played important roles […]

Undeserving Hall of Famers

Posted: 27th September 2011 by Alex Putterman in Baseball Hall of Fame

Editor’s note: Please welcome Alex Putterman to the site. At 17, Alex is the youngest person to ever post here, though that wouldn’t be apparent from his fine writing. Alex tackles a topic a few others have suggested to me in the past but I’ve shied away from writing about. I’ve devoted a lot of […]

Picture of the day

Posted: 26th September 2011 by Graham Womack in MLB

I’ve been friends with this fellow since I was five. Here’s one more reason: Apparently his employer managed to snag a San Francisco Giants’ World Series ring.

Baseball Present: All Roads Lead to Philadelphia

Posted: 26th September 2011 by Doug Bird in MLB

Sadly the 2011 baseball season is winding down but hey, the playoffs are set to begin very shortly and so it is time for the annual playoff prediction notwithstanding the fact that two spots are still up for grabs. I’ll go out on a limb and predict the final two spots and then who the […]

Double The Fun: Johnny Podres, Better Than You Think

Posted: 23rd September 2011 by Joe Guzzardi in MLB

Editor’s note: “Any player/Any era” will be up by this evening. ____________________ The 1961 Los Angeles Dodgers’ pennant hopes came to a crashing end on August 16 when they lost both ends of a rare Wednesday evening double dip to the Cincinnati Reds, 6-0 and 8-0. The defeats were bitter for the Dodgers who had […]

Pondering the Pirates

Posted: 21st September 2011 by Joe Guzzardi in MLB

Mercifully, the Pirates 2011 baseball seasons have only a handful of games remaining. I wrote “seasons” because the Pirates have had two distinct halves. For the first 100 games, the Pirates went 53-47 and for a couple of weeks were either in or flirting with first place. Pittsburgh was in a state of baseball induced […]

An interview with Dan Szymborski

Posted: 20th September 2011 by Graham Womack in Dan Szymborski

With Moneyball due in theaters this week, I figured it might be a good time to interview Dan Szymborski, who voted in the project here last December on the 50 best players not in the Hall of Fame and is something of a sabermetric writer about the Internet. Szymborski is the Editor-In-Chief of, and […]

In Biblical Times

Posted: 19th September 2011 by Doug Bird in MLB

It all began with David vs. Goliath.  It continued this weekend in Fenway Park, Boston.  David came into town to face the might Goliath in a mismatch of the poor farm boy and bemouth, the haves and have nots, of a team which spends hundreds of millions and can attract almost any free agent they […]