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Any player/Any era: Mickey Mantle

Posted: 30th July 2013 by Graham Womack in Mickey Mantle

What he did: There’s a Mickey Mantle stat I’m drawn to, and it’s not something that jumps out like the 536 lifetime home runs or 565-foot bomb he hit at Griffith Stadium in 1953. Early in his Hall of Fame career, Mantle was known for his speed, with him being one of the fastest players in […]

Any player/Any era: Davey Lopes

Posted: 23rd August 2012 by Graham Womack in Davey Lopes

What he did: If I were to make a list of the 25 or 50 most underrated players in baseball history, Davey Lopes might figure somewhere on there. I suppose it’s easy to forget a man who hit .263 lifetime, whose 557 stolen bases rank 26th on the all-time leader board behind such men as Juan […]

Any player/Any era: Earl Averill

Posted: 21st June 2012 by Graham Womack in Earl Averill

What he did: I kicked off a new project here Monday, having people vote on a 50-player inner circle for the Hall of Fame, and I suppose it’s no surprise Earl Averill is an afterthought in voting. Players like Averill often suffer in these exercises. Averill, who currently has two votes, played just 13 years […]

Any player/Any era: Matt Cain

Posted: 14th June 2012 by Graham Womack in Matt Cain

What he did: I’ve been writing this column for two years, and for two years, Matt Cain has been a potential perfect subject. In part, this column has been about taking men whose stats may have suffered due to their career circumstances. I’ve looked at hitters like Jim Wynn and Bob Watson who might have been […]

Any player/Any era: Nolan Ryan

Posted: 31st May 2012 by Graham Womack in Nolan Ryan

What he did: I always thought Nolan Ryan got screwed playing nine seasons on the Houston Astros. That’s what I used to think at least, looking at years like 1987 when Ryan led the National League with a 2.76 ERA but finished 8-16. Certainly, those Astros went 76-86 and scored two runs or less in […]

What he did: Kenny Lofton finished his career with 1,528 runs, the 33rd most by a lefty in MLB History. In 2000, his run scoring was at its zenith as he scored a run in 18 consecutive games, tied for the seventh longest streak since 1893. While a player needs someone to knock him in […]

Any player/Any era: Josh Hamilton

Posted: 11th May 2012 by Graham Womack in Josh Hamilton

What he did: Every so often, baseball gets a great hitter who debuts late. The 1920s had Lefty O’Doul failing as a pitcher with the Yankees, reinventing himself in the Pacific Coast League as a batter, and hitting .398 with the Phillies in 1929. Josh Hamilton might be O’Doul’s modern equivalent, following his selection as the […]

Any Player/Any Era: Larry Walker

Posted: 3rd May 2012 by Albert Lang in Any player/Any era
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What he did: Clearly, if Graham can do a Does he belong in the Hall column on Walker, he had a long and storied career. I also added a blurb on Walker for Graham’s 50 Best Players not in the Hall: Larry Walker is one of the greatest left-handed hitters in the history of baseball. […]

Any player/Any era: Matt Nokes

Posted: 26th April 2012 by Brendan Bingham in Matt Nokes

What he did: Playing for the 1987 Detroit Tigers, Matt Nokes batted .289, hit 32 home runs and made the All-Star team en route to finishing third in the AL Rookie of the Year voting. His career lasted through the 1995 season, but he would never again enjoy the kind of productivity he experienced as a rookie. He finished his […]

Any Player/Any Era: Ed Walsh

Posted: 19th April 2012 by Albert Lang in Any player/Any era
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What he did: If you’ve heard of Old Hoss Radbourn and marvel at his Baseball Reference page, Ed Walsh should be right up your alley. Walsh is one of baseball’s earliest greats, yet is often forgotten. Walsh began his career in earnest at 25 in 1906, by throwing 278.1 innings for the Chicago White Sox. […]