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A Card Collector’s Journey

Posted: 29th November 2010 by Gerry Garte in Baseball cards, by Gerry Garte

I’m pleased to present this guest post from Gerry Garte, a regular contributor here. _______________ Dwight Eisenhower was President when I first started collecting baseball cards. From year to year, I had the biggest stars of the day – Mantle, Mays, Berra, Banks, Aaron.  A small pack of Topps cards cost a nickel, gum included. […]

Buying a box of baseball cards

Posted: 12th November 2010 by Graham Womack in Baseball cards

When I was about seven and used to get a dollar a week for allowance, I remember once saving a few months to buy a box of baseball cards. I had started buying packs of Topps, Donruss, and Fleer maybe a year before, a pack or two at a time from the grocery store or […]

Baseball cards played a big role in my childhood. As I’ve written here before, I got my first cards when I was around three, started collecting a few years later and at one point had roughly 5,000 cards. I outgrew card collecting by the time I hit high school, though nostalgia leads me to buy […]

A purchase at the dollar store

Posted: 14th January 2010 by Graham Womack in Baseball cards

About a year ago, my mom gave me a nice, scented candle inside of a glass jar, and it seemed a shame to waste the excess wax after the wick burned out the first time.  As a result, every month or two, I buy a cheap candle at the dollar store and put it inside […]

Baseball cards

Posted: 11th December 2009 by Graham Womack in Baseball cards
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I’m not certain of the first time I ever got a pack of baseball cards, but it may have been Christmas of 1986. I would have been three. I received an assortment of cards, which I know were dated that year, as a holiday gift from a family member (I want to say my dad, […]