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The most untouchable baseball records

Posted: 17th February 2011 by Rory Paap in by Rory Paap

Editor’s note: I’m pleased to present this article from Rory Paap, a regular contributor here. Rory writes and also contributes to the Hardball Times. After reading this article, check out his recent post for THT on if Grady Sizemore can save the Cleveland Indians. _______________ There are quite a few baseball records that are […]

Do we have to worry about vultures?

Posted: 7th February 2011 by Graham Womack in by Brendan Bingham

The following guest post was written by Brendan Bingham With Felix Hernandez having won the AL Cy Young Award and Bert Blyleven’s recent election to the Hall of Fame, it seems that wins and losses have fallen out of favor as the primary measures of a pitcher’s success.  However, we remain a long way from […]

Carl Erskine and the Oddest Game in World Series History

Posted: 22nd January 2011 by Joe Guzzardi in by Joe Guzzardi

During the 1950s decade Carl Erskine, the right-handed starting pitcher who played his entire career for the Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodgers, pitched two of the league’s seven no hitters. Erskine’s gems came on June 19, 1952 against the Chicago Cubs and on May 12, 1956 against the New York Giants. For curious historians, the […]

Trying to make sense of arbitration

Posted: 16th January 2011 by Doug Bird in by Doug Bird

Late, great baseball union head Marvin Miller once explained that even if the owners thought they lost badly when free agency was granted, what the union really wanted was the right of arbitration. It’s the arbitration process that has driven baseball salaries through the roof much more quickly than free agency. The legal parameters and […]

The 1954 World Series and the Vanishing Bob Feller

Posted: 12th January 2011 by Joe Guzzardi in by Joe Guzzardi

Looking back at Bob Feller’s outstanding pitching career, one unresolved question keeps turning over in my mind. In 1954, Feller was an integral part of the Cleveland Indians pitching staff. Anchored by Bob Lemon (23-7, 2.72) Early Wynn (23-11, 2.73), and Mike Garcia (19-8, 2.64), the Indians also had two spot starters that added depth […]

A Prayer for Harmon Killebrew

Posted: 5th January 2011 by Joe Guzzardi in by Joe Guzzardi

In 1956, Sport Magazine surveyed all 16 major league managers to find out who they picked as their most reliable clutch hitters. For the most part, the answers were predictable. Casey Stengel chose Yogi Berra; Pinky Higgins, Ted Williams; Bill Rigney, Willie Mays and Fred Hutchinson, Stan Musial. Some responses were surprising. Cincinnati Redlegs’ pilot […]

Stepping Back and Ahead

Posted: 31st December 2010 by Graham Womack in by Gerry Garte

The following article was written by Gerry Garte __________________ Two unexpected visitors met at the World Series last season. The Giants and Rangers made it an amazing year. Roy Halladay and Josh Hamilton were exceptional. The pitching was no-hit strong. It will be tough to match the excitement of the 2010 season. But add your […]

Viewing a Memorable Trade with 20-20 Hindsight

Posted: 24th December 2010 by Graham Womack in by Brendan Bingham

I’m pleased to present another first guest post, this time from Brendan Bingham, a regular reader and fellow member of the Society for American Baseball Research. Brendan recently offered to write something here, and I had no idea his approach would be so analytical, research-driven, or thorough. Enjoy. _______________ Trades in baseball are made looking […]

I’m pleased to present a guest post written by Matthew Warburg. Matthew contacted me after reading my recent post, The 50 best baseball players not in the Hall of Fame. Thus, it’s not surprising that Matthew’s debut post here is about Cooperstown. _______________ First of all, as this is my first contribution to this Web […]

[Editor's note: As a different picture may indicate, we're trying something new around here. Starting today, regular contributors will have their own pictures. Today's post is by Gerry Garte, who has been contributing articles every other Friday for the past couple of months.] The following could be a story from the future. Major League Baseball approved a […]