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The most untouchable baseball records

Posted: 17th February 2011 by Rory Paap in by Rory Paap

Editor’s note: I’m pleased to present this article from Rory Paap, a regular contributor here. Rory writes and also contributes to the Hardball Times. After reading this article, check out his recent post for THT on if Grady Sizemore can save the Cleveland Indians. _______________ There are quite a few baseball records that are […]

I’m pleased to present another guest post from Rory Paap of Rory made his debut here on Monday with Great pennant races in San Francisco Giants history. Now, Rory expands his focus beyond one team. ___________________ Despite 2010 being the purported “Year of the Pitcher,” no individual has distinguished himself as spectacularly as in […]

I’m pleased to present a guest post by Rory Paap of Rory emailed me after reading my interview with Joe Posnanski and offered to write something. Being a fellow Giants fan, I asked Rory to compare this year’s contenders to a few Giants playoff teams. The post is longer than what’s typically here. Rory […]