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2014 Hall of Fame forecast post-mortem

Posted: 8th January 2014 by Bill Deane in Baseball Hall of Fame

When I was in high school, there were a couple of local amateur meteorologists who claimed to have developed a system of predicting major snowstorms weeks in advance.  They supposedly got seven correct in a row in virtual anonymity.  So they landed a front-page newspaper article in the Poughkeepsie Journal, touting their success record, and […]

For four years, I’ve asked the same question here: Who are the 50 best baseball players not in the Hall of Fame? It’s not 50 players who need to be enshrined tomorrow or ever, necessarily, just the 50 best not enshrined. As founder and editor of this website, it’s my pleasure to present the latest […]

Voting deadline for my project is extended

Posted: 22nd December 2013 by Graham Womack in Baseball Hall of Fame

Just a quick note to say I’ve decided to extend the voting deadline in my project on the 50 best baseball players not in the Hall of Fame to this Saturday, December 28 at noon PST. I realized between work and the holidays, I wasn’t going to do much on the project before then. As […]

The 2014 Hall of Fame election forecast

Posted: 15th December 2013 by Bill Deane in Baseball Hall of Fame

Editor’s note: I’m pleased to welcome Bill Deane back to the site. The former senior research associate at the Hall of Fame, Bill’s made a science of predicting voting results for more than 30 years. As a commenter noted, most of Bill’s predictions last year were close to dead-on. Once again, I’m proud to have Bill’s […]

On December 2, I kicked off voting for my annual project on the 50 best baseball players not in the Hall of Fame. Due to a WordPress glitch, several posts on my site were destroyed including my call for votes. If you’ve already voted in my project: 1) Thank you; and 2) Your votes are safe […]

Why there may never be a unanimous Hall of Famer

Posted: 24th September 2013 by Graham Womack in Baseball Hall of Fame

Last year, I asked readers to vote on an inner circle for the Hall of Fame. I’ve run a few voter-driven projects, and while I enjoy getting to look at everyone’s ballot, it’s generally the same story. I doubt any two ballots are alike. Voters use a variety of rationales. And most every ballot has […]

My personal Hall of Fame: The inaugural class

Posted: 19th August 2013 by Graham Womack in Baseball Hall of Fame

Months ago, a friend asked me to make a personal Hall of Fame for a project he’s doing. It sounded like a fun idea. The Hall of Fame has been a topic of frequent discussion here in the past, and I annually do a project on the 50 best players not in Cooperstown. Off the […]

Recently on Twitter, someone asked my friend and fellow baseball writer Dan Szymborski how many people he’d enshrine off this year’s Hall of Fame ballot. I had to speak up. “Like 15,” I tweeted. It’s been a long time since the ballot has had this glut of talent, maybe 50 years if we go back to […]

Another look at Ron Guidry’s Hall of Fame case

Posted: 29th August 2012 by George & Dr. V.E. Haloulakos in Baseball Hall of Fame

I recently read Harvey Araton’s 2012 book, Driving Mr. Yogi. While the book focuses primarily on the friendship between New York Yankee greats Yogi Berra and Ron Guidry, it stirred up a question for me on why Guidry is not in the Hall of Fame. In the book, Berra (who was enshrined in 1972) offers […]

An Inner Circle for the Hall of Fame

Posted: 19th July 2012 by Graham Womack in Baseball Hall of Fame

By standards of the museum, all players honored in the baseball Hall of Fame are equal. Once a man’s in, he’s in and all players get the same plaque. There is no delineation between the Mickey Mantles and Tommy McCarthys of Cooperstown. Should this be? Over the past month, I’ve run a project at this […]