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He died in poverty in Chicago 40 years ago and lay in an unmarked grave before money was raised for a headstone. His lead researcher credits 363 wins to him through 32 years of Negro League and semi-pro ball– and those are just the wins he’s certain of. The researcher calls the pitcher he’s spent […]

More all-time durable pitchers

Posted: 30th May 2010 by Graham Womack in Negro Leagues

After my post yesterday on all-time durable pitchers, I emailed Fredrico Brillhart. Regular readers may remember that after I did a guest post on ballplayers who saw war combat, Brillhart emailed me wanting to know why there weren’t any Negro Leaguers. I figured he might like yesterday’s post, since my top durable pitcher is Satchel […]

Negro Leaguers who saw war combat

Posted: 23rd May 2010 by Graham Womack in Negro Leagues

I got an email today from someone who read the guest post I did for the Baseball in Wartime blog about a starting line-up of ballplayers who saw combat. The reader had an issue with my post. He wrote: Hello Graham Womack, I read your guest post in the Baseball In Wartime blog. There was […]