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An argument in favor of the Reserve Clause

Posted: 30th August 2009 by Graham Womack in MLB

I played golf with my dad yesterday and baseball’s Reserve Clause came up in conversation. We had two random men in our foursome, and I got to talking with one of them about sports. He mentioned about a football player he knew getting $75,000 many years ago as a first-round pick with the Pittsburgh Steelers […]

Top Five All-Time Baseball Giveaways

Posted: 10th August 2009 by Graham Womack in MLB

The news that the Toronto Blue Jays jettisoned right fielder Alex Rios in a waiver wire deal to the Chicago White Sox for – well – nothing, has prompted some thinking on my part.  In that the Blue Jays got, again, nothing for Rios, save for relief from his $60 million contract, I got to […]

Dion James: Another ballplayer I knew

Posted: 10th August 2009 by Graham Womack in Uncategorized

A few years ago, I worked at an elementary school in Sacramento.  As it was in an upper-middle class neighborhood, not far from the State Capitol, the school attracted the children of the well-to-do: Legislators, attorneys and also C-level local celebrities.  Among this latter crowd was a former Major League Baseball player who I got […]

Dontrelle Willis: The Crossroads

Posted: 9th August 2009 by Graham Womack in MLB

I feel for Dontrelle Willis. The 2005 National League Cy Young award-winner has reached an impasse in his career, a crossroads. Having won only a single game over the past two seasons, the 27-year-old is currently in the minor leagues, after last pitching for the Detroit Tigers earlier this season. His hindrance? An anxiety disorder, […]

Okay, Jose

Posted: 6th August 2009 by Graham Womack in MLB
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Last week came the news that yet another standout baseball player, this time David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox, had flunked a Performance Enhancing Drug test in 2003. Amidst the flurry of media attention that followed, my pal Jose Canseco (hey, I once interviewed the guy) stepped in with some typically audacious comments. Canseco […]