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Coach McGwire

October 27, 2009 | Leave a Comment

Yesterday came the news that Mark McGwire will be joining the St. Louis Cardinals as their new hitting coach.  Much of the news centered around ongoing – and very probable – speculation that McGwire used performance enhancing drugs during his career.  But hey, as Big Mac would say to Congress, I’m not here to talk […]

Ah, the playoffs.  Baseball’s annual fall rite of passage. Typically, the postseason is something to look forward to.  This year’s been a little different, though. Usually, there’s a team or two I like gunning for the World Series, but the offerings have been a little slim this fall.  Trying to choose a team to root […]

Late, great sportswriter Jim Murray once wrote after an extended absence: I feel I owe my friends an explanation as to where I’ve been all these weeks. Believe me, I would rather have been in a press box. In Murray’s case, he had been temporarily out of work because he had had to have one […]

  • Written by Graham Womack