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Reading Bill James for the first time

Posted: 28th July 2012 by Graham Womack in MLB

I’ve been reading about baseball history much of my life, and when I started this blog in May 2009, I considered myself an expert on the subject. For years growing up, I was the odd person among my friends who could recite World Series winners from memory and dispense anecdotes about Babe Ruth, Ted Williams […]

In defense of Tim McCarver

Posted: 22nd July 2012 by Doug Bird in MLB

Editor’s note: Please welcome the latest from Doug Bird. ________________ As many baseball fans may be aware, Tim McCarver received the Ford C. Frick Award for his broadcasting, Saturday in a ceremony at the Hall of Fame. I have heard much criticism of McCarver’s broadcasting skills over his 20-plus years behind the microphone.  His many […]

Thank you, Robert Creamer

Posted: 20th July 2012 by Graham Womack in MLB

My great-grandmother lived to be 92, dying when I was 11. Gigi, as my family called her, spent the final few years of her life in a nursing home in Ripon, California about an hour south of where we lived in Sacramento, and my mom took me and my sister to visit her almost every […]

An Inner Circle for the Hall of Fame

Posted: 19th July 2012 by Graham Womack in Baseball Hall of Fame

By standards of the museum, all players honored in the baseball Hall of Fame are equal. Once a man’s in, he’s in and all players get the same plaque. There is no delineation between the Mickey Mantles and Tommy McCarthys of Cooperstown. Should this be? Over the past month, I’ve run a project at this […]

Let’s wish Robert Creamer a happy 90th birthday

Posted: 13th July 2012 by Graham Womack in MLB

Over the winter, I was fortunate enough to interview longtime baseball writer Robert Creamer. He gave a fantastic interview, one that could’ve ran anywhere and is a must-read for any baseball fan or aspiring writer. Creamer and I have kept in contact since then, and I feel lucky to consider him one of my mentors. […]

My first piece in the San Francisco Chronicle

Posted: 9th July 2012 by Graham Womack in MLB

As anyone who’s a regular here has surely noticed, posting at this site has been a bit sparse of late. I’ve had a bit going on in my life, including a new job, and the truth is I’ve also been at a bit of an impasse here. I run hot and cold with this website, […]