My name is Graham Womack and I’ve loved baseball history since I was eight.

My grandfather bought me a 567-page book on the subject that year and, unlike most other third graders, I’m guessing, I read the book cover-to-cover. To this day, nearly a quarter of a century later, I can still recite the majority of World Series winners and Hall of Famers from memory.

My childhood enthusiasm persists with this website, which I launched in May 2009. Three to five times a week, I check in here on a range of topics from the 50 best players not in the Hall of Fame to interviews with various former ballplayers and writers. I find there’s always something interesting to write about. After all, organized baseball history in America spans more than 150 years, with about 18,000 men having played the game.

Aside from this blog, I have a journalism degree from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and have written professionally for a variety of publications. I’m a member of the Lefty O’Doul chapter of the Society for American Baseball Research as well as the Baseball Bloggers Alliance and the IBWAA (Internet Baseball Writers Association of America.)

All this being said, thanks for visiting my website. I hope it provides the same level of enjoyment baseball history continues to offer me.

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  1. I am a 13 year old who started a baseball history blog for kids called Baseball with Matt (www.baseballwithmatt.blogspot.com). I really enjoy your site and was wondering if you would like to do a link exchange. I want to post your site under my cool links and was wondering if you would like you to do the same for my site. Thanks!!!

  2. I found this site by accident. I have been a BB fan for close to 45 years. I have always loved stats. I created a list even before I found this website which I call the almost hall of fame where I listed the top 50 players not in the hall. I voted here with my names. Here are a few players who made my list:

    Dave Parker, Al Oliver, JR Richard, Don Mattingly, Steve Garvey, Dale Murphy, Dwight Evans, Don Gullett, Ted Simmons, Thirman Munson, Mickey Lolich, Luis Tiant. I watched all of these guys as a kid.

  3. I’m doing research on the Pacific Coast League. My grandfather first played and then umpired for them. But the family knows little about the details. Would you happen to know where I could find out his dates and his team? His name was Francis “Red” McDonald.


    Jim Prothero

  4. I did a quick search of the LA Times, and an umpire with that name pops up in a few articles. Unfortunately, it is behind a pay wall, but it might be worth subscribing to take a look.

  5. I really enjoy your site.I have reed your post carefully.You talk about past and present baseball game.At present baseball game are more update.Thanks for this post.

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