Some baseball blogs I follow

As a baseball blogger, I’ve begun to make a point in the past several months of reading other baseball blogs. Besides building links to this site whenever I leave comments (where I can offer insight, of course– nobody likes a spammer), I also find some of the material I come across fairly entertaining. Plus, it seems only right that if I’m blindly asking people to read my work, the least I can do is take five or ten minutes a day to follow suit.

Thus, I’ve started to build up a list of baseball blogs that I follow. If I ever get a blogroll going on my home page, the following links will probably be included:

Baseball Musings: The number-one ranked baseball blog for Google. This guy occasionally links me up if I write a killer post, send him a link (don’t bother offering him hastily-written crap, it doesn’t work), and the stars align. The reward is generally 50-100 extra visitors to my site.

Only Baseball Matters: A blog mostly on the San Francisco Giants by an extremely dry observer.

Extra Baggs: Another Giants blog, this one by their beat writer for the San Jose Mercury News.

Dear (Tommy) John Letters: Kind of like the Paul Shirley of baseball bloggers, i.e. another entertaining writer/sometimes athlete.

Babes Love Baseball: I learned of these ladies on Twitter when I did a search on baseball blogs. My ideal woman loves baseball so I was drawn in. I found that the writing on the site is sharp and well-informed as well.

DMB Historic World Series Replay: This guy knows a lot about the early history of baseball, occasionally can be found in the comments section here and was kind enough to give me a shout out on his site. Hence, I am doing the same.

My First Cards: I mentioned this guy (one of my regular readers) and his blog on 1982 Topps baseball cards in my last post, so I won’t be too redundant, besides to say I find this site fun and informative.

SPORTSADVISOR: This guy, another regular here, clearly loves sports and claims to have struck out Albert Pujols twice back in high school.

Giants Galore: Plug for myself. The group blog on the San Francisco Giants that I was tapped to be a part of has started to take off. I would encourage people to keep an eye on it, especially if the Giants make a pennant run.

This is by no means a list of every blog that I follow. If you are a blogger and feel I missed you, please leave a comment, and I will try to say something nice.