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Rain, Rain Everywhere

Posted: 31st May 2011 by Doug Bird in MLB

Another week and another day of rain.  I can remember a couple of days of sunshine this year so far if I try really hard and it’s putting me and everyone else I know in one of those perpetual bad moods. Even my cat is getting depressed and we both wonder when, if ever, the […]

With Memorial Day-themed posts abounding elsewhere, I figured I’d do something different here. I’ve had an idea for an occasional post examining a random date in baseball past and finding a story in it. Part of the magic of the Web is that such baseball research is made easy by sites like, which offers […]

Warren Spahn, the Hall of Fame pitcher who won more games (363) than any left hander in baseball history, was much more than one of the sport’s iconic players. Spahn, who enlisted in the United States Army in December 1942, became a World War II hero. By December 1944, Spahn was sent to Europe with […]

The Great Friday Linkout: Final Friday

Posted: 27th May 2011 by Graham Womack in The Great Friday Link Out

Editor’s note: Due to scheduling changes that will take effect next week, future link posts will be an occasional Monday feature. ________________ I wouldn’t typically devote a bullet point to a past post from this blog, but something interesting happened in our back pages this week. A couple months ago, Joe Guzzardi wrote about his […]

Any player/Any era: Johnny Antonelli

Posted: 26th May 2011 by Graham Womack in Johnny Antonelli

What he did: I first knew of Antonelli as the ace of the 1954 New York Giants. A 24-year-old hurler who arrived in a trade before the season with the Milwaukee Braves, Antonelli proceeded to go 21-7 with a 2.30 ERA and help lead the Giants to a World Series title. Antonelli won 20 games […]

My Mother’s Fishing Trip with Ted Williams—Really!

Posted: 25th May 2011 by Joe Guzzardi in MLB

This is a story about my mother, Ted Williams and a fishing trip they took together more than 50 years ago. My tale is also about a wonderful kindness Williams did for Mom years after their chance meeting In 1956, my family moved to San Juan, Puerto Rico, from Los Angeles. Puerto Rico was encouraging […]

Does he belong in the Hall of Fame? Tony Oliva

Posted: 24th May 2011 by Graham Womack in Tony Oliva

This is the final edition of Does he belong in the Hall of Fame? due to scheduling changes for this site that will take effect next week. For more information, go here. _______________ Claim to fame: I don’t know if this rates for anything, but Oliva may have been the first player who I was […]

New schedule here, effective May 30

Posted: 23rd May 2011 by Graham Womack in MLB

Just a quick note to alert about some changes going on around these parts. Since last fall, this blog has regularly featured new content seven days a week, and I’ve typically contributed four posts. However, I’ve been reassessing my priorities recently, and I’ve realized I’ve overloaded myself. While I’m in my twenties and relatively unencumbered, […]

It’s Tough to Age Gracefully

Posted: 22nd May 2011 by Doug Bird in MLB

For we non professional athletes working nine to five or whatever the hours may be, aging gracefully is putting in 30 plus years and hoping to have the house paid off, the kids finished college, and having a bit of leftover cash to travel to exotic or not so exotic destinations with maybe some fishing […]

During a recent Cincinnati Reds-Pittsburgh Pirates game, announcer Bob Walk waxed poetically about a former Reds great and one time Pirates bit player, Ted Kluszewski. As Walk ticked off Big Klu’s achievements, seemingly in awe of them, I recalled what an imposing sight Kluszewski was at the plate. For the first half of the 1950s, […]