Bobby Grich knows he’s underrated

My latest for Sporting News dropped a little while ago. Continuing my recent spate of interviews, I scored an hour-long talk with one of my favorite candidates, Orioles and Angels second baseman Bobby Grich.

If you’re into sabemetrics or 1970s baseball, you might love this interview. Grich is a good storyteller, as well as a rare former player who understands how his value breaks down in terms of sabemetrics. He was a pleasure to talk to.

Expect more of these interviews, by the way. I feel momentum building.

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  1. good article but a few errors. While Grich, at least for three years, was an excellent second baseman for the O’s, Powell was never know as a good fielding first baseman. Powell’s best years were when Davie Johnson played second. But those were offensive numbers he posted.

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