Delayed thoughts on Mike Piazza and Ivan Rodriguez

I’ve neglected to post here about my latest Sporting News piece, which dropped a few days ago. I wrote about Mike Piazza’s likely Hall of Fame induction this election¬†and whether that could help get Ivan Rodriguez and other Steroid Era candidates enshrined. Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens, to name two, are starting to look like they could get in from the BBWAA.

Anyhow, my apologies on the delay for posting. Life is pretty busy with the holidays and my project on the 25 best players not in the Hall of Fame, which voting will wrap for next Monday.

2 Replies to “Delayed thoughts on Mike Piazza and Ivan Rodriguez”

  1. I dont think Mike or Pudge used roids–and both absolutely deserve to be in the Hall of Fame—-Sure Mike Piaaza has gotten more pres but hell Pudge had a long carear at a tuff position–world sieries teams=all star teams and for at least 5 yrs was the best catcher in the game bar-none—Both are no-brainers—thats it thats all
    Final note: I still like what Rogers Hornsby said years ago–Base the players carear on 5 great seasons and you have a Hall of Famer——–Hell Hornsby had 5 seasons where he only hit 400 for god sake–He averaged 400 for 5 yrs!—I would listen to him

    Get both of those for 5 yrs and you have a Hall of Famer

  2. I think both Pudge and Piazza probably used performance-enhancing drugs. But that misses the point. The BBWAA needs to grow up and deal with the past in a sensible, mature way. They are not the guardians who enforce a purity standard for the game. If the people in Cooperstown provide a ballot with the names of suspected or “proven” steroid users, the writers need to vote for the TEN best candidates, regardless of their “suspicions.” As he has with many other issues, Jayson Stark gets this one right.

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