826 Valencia and the BPP All-Time Dream Project need your support

Back in March, I announced that the BPP All-Time Dream Project would be raising $3,000 by April 15 for 826 Valencia, a San Francisco-based non-profit that teaches journalism to kids. With results of the project scheduled to go live on Sunday, support is still needed.

Thus far, people have donated $285. At this point, I don’t expect to have $3,000 raised by the time the post goes live Sunday morning, though I assume if we’re even halfway there, I can get readers to donate the rest. I expect 3,000 to 5,000 people to read the post in the first 24 hours, and if every reader donates a dollar, we’d shatter the fundraising goal.

To donate, go here.

For what it’s worth, I know the results of the project are worth something. I’ve got an All Star team of writers and an illustrator contributing content. I’m excited to get to publish the results and am confident it will be one of the best posts in the history of this website.

So here’s what I’d like today: If you’re reading, and you’ve planned to donate, please do so. Even a dollar or two makes a difference. I could also use retweets and help getting the word out about what I’m doing.

In return, I can offer the following. First off, I’m going to list the names in the results post of everyone who donates, even if it’s one cent. Everyone who donates before the post goes live will be listed as “Early Donors”. I’ll also provide a link to anyone who writes an original post on my efforts. It should be a valuable link for SEO purposes.

Donations can be made directly at the FirstGiving page I’ve set up, or by sending in a check. I’d also be happy to post a donation on anyone’s behalf if they prefer PayPal, since FirstGiving doesn’t take that. Please feel free to email me at thewomack@gmail.com with questions or feedback.

We have a chance, collectively, to make a difference. Let’s do some good.

To donate, go here.

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