It seems I have angered Jose Canseco

I posted an update to my Twitter page last night about my thoughts here on Jose Canseco wanting to fight Herschel Walker in a Mixed Martial Arts bout (pray for Jose.)  I had written my entry here after reading Canseco Tweet yesterday, “I will crush him,” like Drago in Rocky IV with a Twitter account.  My entry poked fun at Canseco’s desire to fight Walker and made note of his frequent other updates to his page, which I actually think is, to a certain extent, commendable (granted, another part of it seems egocentric.)  I personally don’t have the willingness to leave myself that open and mostly just use Twitter to promote this site.

For my Twitter update about Canseco, I wrote:

My latest on this very site:

Well, immediately following my Tweet, Canseco posted on his page:

Wow, I can’t even be candid and honest on my twitter page without some genius writer blogging about it. The life I lead I tell ya……

Granted, I’m not completely sure if Canseco was referring to me, as many sources around the Internet, from ESPN to fellow bloggers have been unloading on him since February 1, when he first expressed desires to fight Walker.  I posted a reply an hour ago to Canseco, asking if he was referring to me and have not heard back.  For now, the close relation in time between our Tweets is what I’m mostly going off of.  I will of course update this if Canseco replies.

All this being said, this has been a pretty awesome week for this site.  Last Friday, I covered an estate sale in Sacramento for a former Pacific Coast League baseball team owner, where a warehouse with old memorabilia was liquidated.  I might have the opportunity to interview Will Clark on Saturday.  And now this.

I must find other retired baseball players who make active use of Twitter.

6 Replies to “It seems I have angered Jose Canseco”

  1. What does he think is going to happen when he posts something like that. I like Jose and feel sorry for him but then he make comments like this and I a realize why no one likes him.

    1. I like Canseco too and feel a little bad he gets made fun of. He’s like a kid who doesn’t know any better. It would be easier to get angry with him if there was malice behind his words, like there is with someone like Barry Bonds.

      I’ll say too that Canseco was nothing but nice to me and generous with his time when I interviewed him in 2008 for the East Bay Express. Granted, it was a little odd when he asked before I turned my recorder on (or it may have been just after I turned it off, I don’t remember) if I was willing to take a bullet for him. I’m pretty sure he was joking, but all the same…

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