A month’s worth of columns– and why I haven’t been updating

My apologies.

I’ve been busy with various writing obligations and just realized I’ve neglected to post here since April 26. It’s sometimes hard to prioritize this site since, to be blunt, I don’t make any money at it and couldn’t earn anywhere close to a living even if I allowed advertising and pulled out all the stops. There simply isn’t enough interest in baseball history.

If I had a day job or was retired or financially dependent on another person, I might write frequently here. I think most baseball history bloggers fall into one of those three categories. But I’ve been making a living since October as a freelance writer and editor, which has meant focusing on paid work. I know in a given week how much money I need to make and what work I’ll need to do to make it. Most weeks, it’s a hustle.

At some point, I’d like to carve out an hour or two a day to write regularly here. I’m not there yet, though.

That said, here’s a month worth of Sporting News columns:

Again, my apologies. I’ll try to get back to posting links to my columns as I write them.

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  1. Ive said it a long time-but no one listens—-There are too many that have been left out and they should be in now–for the next 5 years they should look at adding 3 to 4 a year
    Jim Katt-16 gold gloves? 280 wins?
    Tommy John—280 wins
    Gil Hodges–370 Home Runs -Great manager and one of the best 1B in the 50s
    Maury Wills–104 steals–without him Dodgers dont win in the 60s
    Those 4 should go in 2017——period
    Lee Smith-Tim Raines-Trevor Hoffman–Jeff Bagwell in 2018
    Dale Murphy-Curt Flood-Don Mattingly-Steve Garvey—2019

    Barry Bonds–Pete Rose—Roger Clemons—Joe Jackson——2020

    Thats 2o very deserving players in the next 5 years—-
    Tell me if they would be wanted on your team?

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