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Hi everyone:

Once again, I must offer my apologies on the recent lull in posting here. I’m three days away from moving to Sacramento to be with my girlfriend, and life will hopefully be getting back to normal soon. The last few months have been a blur of work and hunting for an apartment and job in Sacramento while trying to get as much quality time in as I can with my girlfriend.

I apologize to anyone who’s been anxious for new content here. Believe me, I’ve been anxious to write more than I have, though my obligations have taken precedence.

That said, I’ve started contributing weekly at a memorabilia website called Sports Collectors Daily. I haven’t seriously collected sports cards since childhood, though there’s ample opportunity to discuss baseball history in writing about the hobby. I’ve written two pieces thus far, one on rookie cards of popular Hall of Fame candidates and one that went live tonight featuring cards of 15 players who met tragic ends. Please feel free to suggest ideas for future pieces– I’ll of course credit anyone who gives me an idea I use.

Aside from my new gig, I’m also working on a Hall of Fame-related research piece for a site that may be familiar to SABR members. I’ll hold off for now on saying the name of the site here, though I’m excited to write something for it.

Anyhow, my thanks to everyone who frequents this site. I look forward to having a steady supply of new content again soon.


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  1. Ah, the sports collecting hobby. Let’s see; the top publication is a joke, and they admit they have taken ads from known crooks because the revenue is more important. The top auction house, well, the guys who ran it are looking at some hard time. The top two “authentication” services have made some incredibly lame mistakes. Oh, the hobby’s all time number one collector? A HUGE fraud.

    Other than that, the hobby is OK. 🙂

  2. I really liked the tragic cards article though there were a few others i probably would have tried to include such as Rube Waddell, Christy Mathewson, and Nick Adenhart to name a few. Possible second posting for this topic once your settled in the new city?

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