Everyone who voted

Below is a list of the 262 people who voted in my project on the 25 most important people in baseball history.

A lot of voters provided details about themselves. Voters represent a broad cross-section of the baseball world: fans, researchers, journalists, bloggers, even a former MLB player.

Thanks again to everyone who voted!

Voter Credentials
Aaron Whitehead SABR member
Adam Darowski SABR member, chair of SABR’s Nineteenth Century Overlooked Base Ball Legends committee, and creator of the Hall of Stats
Adam Hardy
Adam Jacobi Baseball fan
Adam Penale
Adam Schiavone
Alex Molochko SABR member, baseballthinkfactory.org reader
Alex Putterman Sports editor of the Daily Northwestern at Northwestern University
Alvy Singer Longtime baseball fan, avid fan of this website
Andrew Martin Author of baseballhistorian.blogspot.com. Has published article for numerous websites, newspapers and magazine
Andrew Milner SABR member since 1984, IBWAA member, contributor to “American Sports: A History of Icons, Idols and Ideals” and “Base Ball: A Journal of the Early Game”
Andy Moursund Longtime SABR member, baseballthinkfactory.org reader, former book dealer with perhaps the largest collection of baseball books and guides in the US
Anonymous 1
Antonio Rodriguez
Ari Houser
Austin Gisriel SABR member, regular contributor to Seamheads.com, author of several baseball books
Bart Silberman Creator and designer of vintage MLB apparel line Moonlight Graham
Ben Carroll Writes scrappyjourneymenwithheart.blogspot.com
Ben Henry
Bernard Ozarowski
Bill Bell Founding member of a Strat-o-Matic league that will celebrate its 40th season in 2015; spent three months as ballboy for the 1969 Phoenix Giants
Bill Bumgarner “Just a fan who enjoys statistical analysis”
Bill Judge
Billy Waller Hall of Fame enthusiast; high school basketball coach and program director at a Boys and Girls Club
Bob D’Angelo Copy editor, Tampa Tribune
Bob Rittner Baseball fan with an interest in baseball history and sabermetrics
Bob Sawyer Became a SABR member in 2005; author of “Gene Bennett: A Scouts Life” chapter of CAN HE PLAY (c) 2012 McFarland
Bob Sohm
Bob Timmermann
Bob Tufts Former pitcher SF Giants and KC Royals 1981-83
Bobby Aguilera Writes baseballrealitytour.com; by day, a sales and marketing director
Brad Wood
Brendan Bingham SABR member, authored chapter for “Bridging Two Dynasties: The 1947 New York Yankees”
Brennan Cully
Brian Cubbison Curator, Syracuse Post Standard
Brian Engelhardt
Brian Russell
Bryan O’Connor Blogger at Replacement Level Baseball Blog and High Heat Stats
Bryn Swartz Bleacher Report Featured Columnist / Former MLB & Phillies blogger
Cecilia Tan SABR member and editor; author of several books
Charles Beatley Wrote hawk4thehall.blogspot.com
Chris Esser
Chris Murray ichrismurray.blogspot.com, fantasy sports guru, sports memorabilia collector
Christian Ruzich
Christopher Kamka SABR member; Comcast SportsNet Chicago’s walking research department; Contributed an essay in- Old Comiskey Park: Essays and Memories of the Historic Home of the Chicago White Sox, 1910-1991
Christopher M. Short UK-born convert to baseball from cricket. Brooklyn Dodger fan from 1955
Chuck McGivney
Cliff Blau
Clyde Sikorski
Cody Cooper
Cody Swartz Current Featured Columnist at Bleacher Report, baseball history buff
Craig Swartz
D Charabin
Dalton Mack SABR member, HighHeatStats and MLB.com
Dan Hirsch Founder of baseball database, thebaseballgauge.com
Dan McCloskey SABR member; writes for USA Today, High Heat Stats and http://left-field.blogspot.com/
Dan O’Connor “Just a stat fan.” Used to compile TV, film and music stats for a music licensing firm
Daniel Shoptaw Founder of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance; Cardinals blogger
Darin Tuck
Dave Vonderhaar baseballthinkfactory.org reader, SABR member
David Cohen Former sports editor, Philadelphia Inquirer
David Gold
David Kelly
David Lawrence Reed SABR member, has contributed to the Baseball Research Journal
David Lick Occasional blogger at notmadsports.blogspot.com
David Peng
David Pinto Has written baseballmusings.com since 2002; former lead researcher for ESPN’s Baseball Tonight
David Uhl
David Williams Baseball card collector and St. Louis Cardinal fan
Dean Godfrey
Dean Sullivan Author of four books of baseball history through University of Nebraska Press
Derrick Fenwick Lifelong fan and baseball history lover. Has been to 37 MLB parks
DeWayne Mann
Domenic Lanza Writer for itsaboutthemoney.net of ESPN’s Sweetspot network
Douglas E. Heeren
Dr. Meredith Wills SABR member; astrophysicist with expertise in automated tracking and machine learning, fielding junkie looking forward to working with Statcast data, recognized by the Baseball HOF for winning Stitch N’ Pitch’s 2007 national design contest
Duane Harris Writes 90feetofperfection.com
Ed Stankowski
Ed White Freelance writer and editor; past journalist, college athletic recruiter and, for 25 years, a practicing attorney
Eric Casey
Eric Chalek Lapsed SABR member, writes homemlb.wordpress.com and participant in the Hall of Merit
F.J. Nachman
Francisco Hilario
Frank Oglesby
Fred Antczak
G Chan
Gabriel Schechter
Gary Bateman
Gary Passamonte SABR member, Ross Barnes HOF advocate
George Kurtz RotoExperts Fantasy Sports Show, SiriusXM 210/87, 7a-10a EST Sat
Graham Hudson
Greg Layton SABR member, tweets about the Royals
Howard Fisher
Howard Miller Writes the Hall of Miller and Eric
j sharkey
Jacob Rashbaum
James Gross
James Holland
James Nicolls
Jason Kim
Jeff Bozovsky  SABR member; writes for www.historicbaseballfargo.blogspot.com/
Jeff Snider
Jena Yamada “Baseball fan, mom to dog, science nerd”
Jerry Woolstrum SABR member and stat head
Jesse Collings
Jim Black Lifelong baseball fan; has seen everyone from Willie Mays to Ken Griffey Jr.
Jim Pertierra SABR member; has run a play-by-mail baseball league since 1979, of which Bill James was an original manager
Jim Proulx
Joe Mello Royals’ fan for ~35 years with an interest in stats and baseball history
Joe Robinson 50-year baseball history enthusiast
Joe Tassinari Blogger and 40-year baseball fan. Recent baseball article: http://www.bizwrks.us/a-gift-bestowed/
Joe Ullman
Joe Williams SABR member; former chair of the 19th century committee
Joey Bartz SABR member and doctoral candidate
John Carter Has contributed over a dozen articles to billjamesonline.com; writes scoresheetwiz.com
John Fockler Author of “In Defense of Buck Weaver,” The Torch magazine, v82,#2,p28 (Winter, 2008)
John Kinsey
John Raimo
John Robertson SABR member since 1993; has written three baseball books
John Sharp Writes johnsbigleaguebaseballblog.blogspot.com; huge fan of Bill Freehan
John Sutter
Jonathan Stilwell
JT Ellenberger
Julian Levine Former Giants blogger and writer for beyondtheboxscore.com
Karl Ehrsam
Kazuto Yamazaki Writes for thescoopsports.wordpress.com and [starting soon] thedynastyguru.com
Kenneth Matinale Writes radicalbaseball.blogspot.com
Kevin Graham SABR member; writes baseballrevisited.wordpress.com
Kevin Porter Lifelong baseball fan, avid sabermetric reader and Strat-o-Matic fanatic
Kevin Tomlin
Kris Gardner Writes for RedReporter.com
Larry Cookson
Larry Marsh
Laura K
Lawrence Azrin Regular at HighHeatStats.com
Lee Domingue Baseball fan
Len Drasin
Mark Blanchard
Mark Robinson
Marty Klotz
Matt Adams
Matt Mitchell SABR member, Professional statistician (non-MLB employed), fourpitchrandomwalk.wordpress.com
Matt Stock
Matt Whitener Writes http://cheapseatsplease.wordpress.com; creative baseball editor, The Sports Fan Journal
Michael Cook Baseball fan, former writer at Pinstripe Alley, active member of many baseball sites
Michael Henry Spring training reporter, St. Petersburg Evening Independent, 1981-85; Tampa Tribune, 1986-96; Bradenton Herald, 2000-08. Tampa Bay Rays reporter for last paper, 2003-08
Michael Hilywa Blogger, offbasepercentage.com, diamondhoggers.com
Michael Martin High school teacher; love reading about/researching early years of baseball
Michael Terilli Contributor to Baseball Essential
Michael Weddell Affiliated with BaseballHQ.com
Mike Cameron Retired sports writer for Pioneer Press and Chicago Sun-Times; author of “Public Bonehead, Private Hero: The Real Legacy of Baseball’s Fred Merkle”
Mike Denton Baseball fan; past member of the PCL Historical Society
Mike Huey
Mike Lackey SABR member, recipient of the Larry Ritter Book Award
Mike Norton SABR member, baseball fan since 1950
Mike Schneider
Mike Warwick
Mitch Lutzke
Nathan Aderhold Managing Editor, Halos Daily
Nathan Canby
Nathan Timm
Nick Diunte SABR member who has been published in two books and various newspapers. Writes for BaseballHappenings.net and Examiner.com. Senior editor for MetroBaseball Magazine
Nick Pain
Nicole Cahill Writes baseballforyoursoul.blogspot.com
No email
No name
Pat Corless
Patrick Buzzard Fan post author at royalsreview.com
Patrick Dubuque notgraphs expatriate
Patrick Mackin
Paul Dylan Writes and publishes print magazine devoted to tabletop-sports card & dice games like Strat-O-Matic, APBA, and Statis-Pro
Paul McCord
Paul Perilli
Paul Plaine SABR member professional baseball photographer
Paul Plater
Pete Sorice Baseball fan; writes catcherinterference.wordpress.com
Peter Nash Writes HaulsofShame.com; founding member of the Def Jam rap group 3rd Bass
Phil Bolda SABR member
Phil Dellio Author of three books and a grade school teacher
Phyllis LaVietes
Rand Tenor
Ray Anselmo SABR member and romance writer
Ray Regan
Rayan Vatti
Rich Dubroff Orioles Insider, CSNBaltimore.com
Rich Lipinski
Rich Moser SABR member for more than 10 years; currently writing a book on the Hall of Fame
Richard Solensky
Rick Cabral Founder and editor of BaseballSacramento.com; has written two baseball-related e-books
Rick Canale Hall of Fame member, Red Sox fan and collect presidential baseball memorabilia
Ricky Cobb
Rob Dakin Fan and follower of baseball lore since 1956
Rob Harris Writes for ThroughTheFenceBaseball.com. Freelance writer for the Chicago Sun-Times, Timeout Chicago and Zisk Magazine, among others
Rob Marshall Baseball fan; recently created hit viral “Waiting for Alexander” video
Robert Rittner
Ron Kaplan
Ron Rollins
Ross Carey SABR member, does replacementlevelpodcast.com
Rusty Logan
Ryan Jennings Loves to attend Minor League Baseball games
Ryan McCrystal Former ESPN Stats & Info researcher; writes for itspronouncedlajaway.com
Ryan Thibodaux
Sam Redden
Scott Brown
Scott Candage
Scott Cole
Scott Crawford Writes at Scott Crawford On Cards (http://www.scottcrawfordoncards.com/)
Scott Glasser #justbaseball. Twitter fan. Baseball fanatic
Scott Jackson Baseball fan for more than 25 years; has been to five consecutive Little League World Series
Scott Klein
Scott Simkus SABR member; author of “Outsider Baseball: The Weird World of Hardball on the Fringe,” which has been nominated for a 2015 CASEY Award and the Seymour Medal
Sean Lahman SABR member, founder of the Lahman Baseball Database
Sean McNeely
Sherri Samudio
Stefano Micolitti Wrote about MLB during 1980s for Italian magazine, “Tuttobaseball e softball”
Steve Kreischer Baseball fan
Steve Snyder Newspaper editor, blogger at http://socraticgadfly.blogspot.com
Steve Sullivan
Steven Smith
Ted Maire
Ted Mulvey
Tim Angell
Tim Deale SABR Member, Bio Project contributor, currently writing a manuscript for a baseball book
Tom Crittenden
Tom Gardner
Tom Hanrahan Frequent contributor to By The Numbers and occasionally writes Baseball Research Journal articles
Tom Strother Was a SABR member for more than 30 years; wrote masters thesis titled “Professional Baseball and the Anti-Trust Laws”
Tom Thrash SABR member, ballpark hound– http://tthrash.blogspot.com/search/label/ballparks
TR Sullivan Texas Rangers beat writer, MLB.Com
Travis Cherrier
Victor Dadras SABR member and baseball coach
Vinnie “Long time baseball fan whose only regret was his lack of talent”
wayne horiuchi Avid sports card collector who has one of the most extensive game-used/autograph Hall of Fame collections in America
William Tasker Writes for http://itsaboutthemoney.net of ESPN SweetSpot Network

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  1. I enjoyed reading about the 25 most influential players and scanning the list of everyone who voted. Another interesting topic would be ranking the 25 greatest MLB postseason games. Were there postseasons that had more than one of the 25 greatest postseason games? Does the Don Larsen 1956 World Series Game 5 perfect game make the list and if so where does it rank against games that are remembered for clutch hitting and home runs?

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