Some baseball blogs I follow, Version 2.0

About six months ago, I wrote an entry here, Some baseball blogs I follow, where I offered a short list of Web sites I read. In the months since I made that entry, I have kept learning of or remembering sites worthy of inclusion.

Here are a few:

Joe Blogs: My biggest omission or forgotten great the first time around, let me say that the blog for Sports Illustrated writer Joe Posnanski sets the standard for all baseball blogs. It is consistently entertaining, well-written, and informative, among other things. More than that, Posnanski is a wonderfully nice guy who took time for an interview with me in September and also recently responded to an email I sent.

Cardboard Gods: With perhaps the best-written baseball blog I know of, Josh Wilker writes with all the grace one would expect of an MFA, waxing poetic and philosophical about old baseball cards and life. In May, I reviewed Wilker’s well-deserved first book that resulted from this blog.

SweetSpot Blog – ESPN: Holy moley– my Posnanski interview got linked to by this blog, by longtime baseball writer Rob Neyer, and it brought nearly 2,000 people to my site. As an added bonus, Neyer is connected with a group of fantasy baseball Web sites whose forum members have said some positive things about my Thursday series, Any player/Any era. Here’s proof that an Internet forum dedicated to baseball research and history need not teem with pompous blowhards, that it can in fact be positive. Web sites like these are a step in the right direction. Same story here– a step in the right direction for baseball history and the Internet. Seamheads is a beautiful-looking Web site filled with writers who love the game, including yours truly. They even have a weekly podcast that I got to guest-host a couple months ago. I haven’t contributed anything there in awhile, and I imagine that will change sometime soon. I relate to this guy, a fellow named Rory, quite a bit. We both offer text-heavy, analytical, and relatively new Web sites and are working to make names for ourselves. It’s no easy task on the sometimes unforgiving, fickle Internet where an independent blogger can easily be doubted or dismissed outright. I know I’m reassured whenever I learn someone like Rory’s out there. He reminds me I’m not in this alone. I would add Rory’s done a couple of guest posts here, which have been excellent, and I invite any like-minded individuals to seek me out.

That being said, today’s post almost certainly won’t be the last one of this sort that I do. To any fellow baseball bloggers, if you feel I missed you, please feel free to contact me for the next time around or leave a comment here. I consider myself a fairly reasonable guy and generally have no problem adding someone to my blogroll or considering letting them guest post.

Thanks to everyone who’s a part of this site and helps make it what it is.

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  1. Besides this site, I like Bullpen Brian, Agony and Ivy, Bleed Cubbie Blue, MLB Trade Rumors, the blogs at Baseball Reference, Goat Riders of the Apocalypse, View from the bleachers, and Baseball Alamanac. There is a real good interview with Virgil Trucks at Baseball Alamanac where he states that he saw the guy with the goat at the ’45 World Series refused entrance for the goat and of course then the guy cursed the Cubs. Also, Baseball Think Factory, Beyond the Box Score and Cub Hub. Being a Cubs fan, I frequent a few Cubs sites.

  2. Thanks for the shout out, Graham! Keep up the good work. I’ll probably send over a guest post when I think of something good to write about. The World Series left me… Well, pretty shocked, thrilled and somehow unable to write for a few days there. I’m getting back to it now.

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