Some new developments for this site

I got detailed, constructive feedback on this site today from an acquaintance at the San Francisco Chronicle. He started by saying, “The site looks great,” but proceeded to offer a number of solid suggestions. Among these tips: Try to post every weekday, and consider having regular ongoing series. Thus, starting next week, I am going to debut a couple of weekly features:

  • Tuesdays: Does he belong in the Hall of Fame?
  • Thursdays: Ballplayers who would have done well in a different era

I’ve been thinking about the Tuesday idea for awhile, since some time after the first occasion I made a list of 10 great players not in the Hall of Fame a year ago. Since then, I’ve written about the Hall of Fame several times and can now probably name 50 or 100 players who inspire debate, some who belong in Cooperstown, many more who probably do not but are at least worthy of discussion.

My acquaintance had the Thursday idea, and I ran with it. I like the idea of taking contemporary players like Ichiro Suzuki or Curtis Granderson and imagining how they would have cleaned up in the Deadball Era, and I’m also intrigued by learning more about certain Negro League greats who never got a chance to play in the big leagues and seeing what might have been.

My acquaintance also suggested I provide more news, like on deaths of former players. I will be on the lookout, though I encourage family members of old ballplayers (both big league and otherwise) to seek me out if they’d like something written. I check the email address listed on this site pretty much every day and am always in need of new, compelling material here.

I of course welcome feedback on either of the new features that will be debuting as well as anything else people would like to see here. Thank you to everyone who reads.

6 Replies to “Some new developments for this site”

  1. Both are great ideas. Keeping an eye on who passes away matches very well with this site as well. I liked the last column about the all area code teams as well. I think there could be some great posts about that or maybe even all city teams if you wanted to get in really good detail

  2. Here’s a suggestion: find the big red DELETE button for this website and push it. This shit sucks.

    1. Whoa. Usually, I would spam this out, but I checked and it appears you are a baseball blogger. So here you go.

      I don’t know what your problem is, but I’m going to keep writing.

  3. Too bad 22gigantes couldn’t offer constructive comments. Vulgarity is a dead give away of a shallow mind . We’re having fun here blogging about baseball. If the content isn’t to 22gigante’s liking, he can and should go elsewhere

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