The Great Friday Link Out III: Eye of the Detroit Tiger

The only thing missing from this week’s link out is Mr. T or another reference to Rocky III.

  • Bill Miller has posted the third installment of the series we’re doing for his blog on good players on awful teams. This week, Bill writes about Rusty Staub, the best thing going on the expansion Montreal Expos in 1969 (who were really, really terrible, even by Expo standards.) The locals referred to Staub as Le Grand Orange.
  • Anyone who enjoys this site or other history-related baseball blogs may like a series about “infamous or controversial¬†historical figures who also had a¬†notable association¬†with baseball.” So far, there have been posts on John Dillinger, Billy Sunday, and a 19th century catcher named Martin Bergen who killed his family and himself. I saw the Bergen story on Baseball Think Factory this week and subsequently read the other two pieces. They’re all outstanding: well-researched, vivid, and well-told.
  • The journalism ethics student in me has loved a recent thread in the baseball blogosphere. For some reason, a lot of people hate Sports Illustrated writer Jeff Pearlman. With a passion. I read his book on the ’86 Mets, The Bad Guys Won and don’t know if I see what the hatred is about. Pearlman wrote a recent well-received piece about tracking some of his haters down. Apparently, though, there’s more to this story than he told.
  • Devon Young, who blogs about the 1982 Topps baseball set, has a fresh batch of articles up including one about a card he refuses to take out of the protective casing it came in off eBay: A 1982 Pascual Perez error card. Kind of sums up Perez’s whole career.
  • Kevin Graham has changed the name of his site (though not his URL) from DMB World Series Replay to Baseball Revisited and is asking everyone who has him in their blogroll to note the change. I’ll do that, though a part of me is tempted to write, “The Blogger Formerly Known As…”

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  1. Graham,
    Thanks for the plug of my blog, it’s greatly appreciated.
    You have to stop this friday feature though. I now have 2 more blogs that I have to check out on a daily basis. So many blogs to read, so little time…..I can’t keep up!!!!!


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