A backlog of books and a new series

Two piles of unread books sit atop my bookshelf, reminding me of a promise I made here four years ago. In the early days of this site, I once wrote that I would review any book sent to me. It was a bold promise and one I probably shouldn’t have made. Don’t get me wrong, I love reading about baseball history. But I can be a slow reader, frequently distracted and it sometimes takes me months even to finish a classic like The Boys of Summer. Four years past my promise here, I’ve long since had a backlog of books and I officially need to revise my policy.

Henceforth, I can no longer promise to review any book sent to me. The following 30 books that have been sent to me and not yet reviewed since I made my promise will be reviewed through a new weekly series starting next Thursday. It’s important to me to be a person of my word and I also believe the majority of these books may be of interest to anyone who frequents this site. Fellow writers, if you see your book among this list, I apologize for not getting to this sooner. I’ll be happy to email you when I review your book,¬†which should be sometime in the next year:

In the meanwhile, please, no one send me anymore books!

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  1. Great list of books. I have plenty of recommendations for you when you do finally get caught up.

    Here are just a few in no particular order…

    Driving Mr. Yogi, by Harvey Araton
    A Drive into the Gap, by Kevin Guilfoile
    The Bullpen Gospels, by Dirk Hayhurst
    Out of My League, by Dirk Hayhurst
    Up, Up and Away, by Jonah Keri


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